As a global specialist of fabricated products for various industry applications,we provide our customers not only quality products but also our commeitment toward competent services on which you can rely.

Services Offered

KUNPENG pursues the long term cooperation with our customers. The goal of our service is to guarantee you with a consistent, reliable, cost effective supply chain in China so that you can focus on sales, marketing and R&D to beat your competitors.

With over 10 years¡¯ manufacturing experience, our six associated manufacturing factories could provide very competitive price with perfect quality and on time delivery. The capability covers the following:

-Tooling and molding
-Product and process validation
-Design and prototyping
-Quality control
-Logistics management                                                                                                  -Sourcing

We also could cover as many suppliers as possible to locate the most qualified and to negotiate good terms for you. To ensure that our clients receive quality on-time deliveries across the world with best price, we use our local buying power over suppliers, perform on-site inspection, report manufacturing status, organize all required logistics.

Our clients have 100% visibility along every step of the supply chain process including quality data, process status, and cost information.

We can also work as your international purchase office in China. In this case, we can work on an annual retainer fee.

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